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About Us

Xiang Sheng International Machinery Co., Ltd. was established in the Republic of China on March 97 , the main products for truck, forklift, bridge indecent car , solid tires , professional rental, repair , sale .

The company specializes in the most experienced , quality is absolutely safe, durable , service and parts supply most abundant , and all products are high-altitude operations to maintain domestic property insurance product liability insurance accident .

Uphold [ expertise, improve service ] purpose of , all kinds of engineering for the required domestic franchise aerial vehicles , bridges indecent car , solid tires , and other machinery rental , sale and maintenance and other services to provide the most models to choose from.

No matter what your product is , Xiang Sheng can according to your needs and provide you with the most professional advice and choose the most suitable models .


We are happy to serve you.

The company specializes in the technical team has many years of extensive experience in the maintenance of heavy machinery , emphasizing the expertise and service quality, deep customer's trust and affirmation.

Xiang Sheng International Machinery Co., Ltd. located in卢兴«nroad luzhu district Taoyuan City, Taoyuan City 215-1 and Wells Road No. 76 , Lane 229 .

The Company assess changing market needs and to meet those needs as our main goal , under the " continuous innovation and technology invention to achieve an affluent society ' guidance the company mission, our efforts to meet market demand responsibility , and by virtue of years come in automation, mechanical and systems integration experience in the field of science and technology , will be able to meet the needs of a new generation of industrial products and services available to our customers.

Please contact us , for your dedicated service.