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2023-8-2 JLG 1500SJ new car has arrived at the factory~~ 45m straight arm wheeled car welcome to inquire! ! !
2022-8-23 Employee Travel Bulletin
2022-4-26 SKYJACK SJ86T Canada-made brand new car will go out to work as soon as it arrives at the factory! ! !
2020-12-3 When the new 14-meter scissors arrive at the factory, Xiangsheng International provides the highest level of service. Welcome to contact us.
2019-10-24 JLG ES1530L, 4.5 m small scissors car can enter the general elevator and construction elevator, suitable for small space operation, electric. Power saving. Strong climbing ability, welcome to inquire.
2019-10-20 JLG860SJ new car to the factory, to provide the highest level of service, welcome to inquire.
2016-6-7 24 m arm Wheel
2016-5-26 New products Aerial New tires
2016-5-26 The new GS 4047 twelve meters Scissor Lifts
2015-10-27 Genie Original professional service technician education and training
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